About us

Alumni are part of our distinguished institution’s family, which ranks in the top one per cent in the world. Alumni have a history of shared experiences and memories, understood by those who studied before them, those who studied with them and those who will soon join the alumni community.


Ir Haji Rashdi Bin Pandak Ahmad

Vice President

Mohd Mudasir Bin Abdullah


Ng Teng Soon


Aziah Mohd Yusoff

Assistant Secretary

Dr. Dayang Fredalina Basri


Md Yusof Abdul Rahman

Internal Auditor


We are not just Friend, We are Family

As part of the University family alumni receive professional support throughout their career, access to lifelong learning and a community to share and celebrate their achievements. Becoming part of our alumni community unlocks access to a range of opportunities and benefits.

We are not just Friend, We are Family